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Sketch of the Herb Spiral we builtThis past weekend I stayed local and did a permaculture workshop. We learned the basic principles of permaculture, emphasizing that you start with what you have: the problem is the solution! We also did some functional analysis (after finding an artist who could draw a chicken) of chickens and wood stoves and such. What do these things need, what do they provide. Everyone liked the concept of Edge, the idea that things happen at boundaries, at the edge of shade, on the edge of pond, along the rock borders of paths, gardens, and stone walls. however I don’t think we really learned what types of things we should put there…

We helped to build a herb spiral, which provides shade for shady plants and has sunny spots for those that like sun. So we learned how to lay bricks to make the form and then planted in leaf mulch (wonderful rich and black stuff). We learned of many interesting solutions and applications people had made in their own gardens and then walked around and suggested ideas for our hosts gardens (and chicken coop).

We were a lovely mix of people. Gardeners, students, professionals, teachers, vegans and omnivores, Hobbyists, die hards, and novices, all eager to learn, share, and help out. All of us eager to learn more and willing to share what we already knew. We all brought yummy foods to share for lunch. quiet a few raw vegan dishes and fresh breads and fruit also some sort of squash compote.

On sunday it rained so after finishing the herb spiral we decided to stay inside and I learned to knit! yay! now to make time to knit… Nicole taught me. She is a wonderful lady who lived in the netherlands and has been in Nz for the past 20, she reminds me of Alex Joslyn’s mom. We then learned how to make sauerkraut and continued to share ideas on sustainability, gardening, diets, and health.

A wonderful weekend with great people. we’ve all exchanged emails so i look forward to staying in touch with them and we plan on doing some more workshops in the future!