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0727101654-01I rushed through town this afternoon. Hopping buses to get there fast. But I left my card at home and had to turn around, catch a bus back and start all over. So i went back to uni and picked up the bike i was borrowing and dropped it back home. Then got the bus into town, quickly ran to town center to exchange some money and then hopped on a new bus to ferry road.

Arriving at Ferry road I walked in the wrong direction, but then realized it. Walking back I passed several second-hand shops and then arrived at Around Again Cycles. on stating my price range I was promptly directed to a neat little 14 speed Bauer. An old road bike, drop bars and Shimano levers on the down tube. Plus the bike is New Zealand made! The seat is a bit old and hard so that worried me, but I reasoned I could always replace it. After a few spins I deemed her worthy and told the owners I’d take a walk and be back in a bit.


I moseyed down the street to the gluten free bakery I had seen. They had 5 for the price of 4 deal on their frozen pies so i was excited to stalk up. But then I saw the price and had to refrain. I bought a 5 dollar steak pie which they warmed up for me. I should say mmm here, but it wasn’t That good. I liked the wheat and dairy free gravy filling, would make a great stew, but the pie combo didn’t knock my socks off. bread was fine, overall just didn’t seem all there… it was missing something. And it was expensive.

I stopped at the second-hand stores but didn’t find anything. I then went to a little stationery store and bought some wool and needles for knitting!

I walked back to the shop and bought the bike; to which they fitted pedal cages and a bottle holder. I also bought a light! I then road home, turning an adventurous 1 hr bus ride into a half hour (ish). But I stopped at the botanical gardens to watch the ducks in the river and admire some late afternoon light. wandering along the bank of the canal I took this shot of a large non native but none the less pretty pine.

I spent the last of the day in a park, in the sun. Letting the suns rays bath me in gold as I began to read a short history of nearly everything and looking down at my new golden companion.0727101654-02