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Julian and I are former high school friends

      “Julian Roberts
      Due to the action of the Denver Occupation both DPD and the Denver Department of Public Works has come to a stand still. They could no longer move in and tear down the houses and current forts that we have built. We have proven by direct action we can bring an entire system to it’s knees and make THEM “Re-evaluate the situation” WE have put them in. By drastic and immediate action we begin to show our true colors, what we are truly capable of. We are Occupy Denver, we are Family of Love, we are change and don’t you fucking forget it.
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Julian Roberts And a HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!!
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Tyler George ‎’We are change’, I’m sorry for being so ignorant but what exactly have you changed? A recent study shows that 1 in 2 Americans are living near or below the poverty line, infrastructure is still crumbling, the rich are continuing to amass the majority of the wealth, companies are still being allowed to pollute, corporations are gathering more rights without any accountability, and the ‘Occupy Movement’ is still hanging around in public parks and being viewed more and more by American Citizens as a nuisance, I’m just not sure what is being accomplished. (also, why would you be proud to shut down the department of public works?)
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the response is well written and informative…

Elyse Wolf i’m gunna be honest… i don’t understand what the deal is with occupy but from what i’ve heard its pretty much pointless…
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Patricia Rose Mckay i totally believe they have a point, but i wonder if defending any one space helps define the important point they are trying to make
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Julian Roberts–Denver-Homeless-Shelters/

Denver mayor seeks review of city homeless shelters following community concerns | The Republic
DENVER – Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says he’s requesting a comprehensive revie…
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Julian Roberts Yesterday there was an article published that you should look at concerning the homeless issue in denver, by far one of the most disenfranchised groups of people out there. I don’t know 100% but I am fairly positive that we are one of the first if not the first occupy that has had people meet with the mayor, SET FORTH A LIST of demands, and then had one of our demands met; a full scale review and overhaul of the city shelters. I’ll find the link. And although it is a small step, because of OUR actions it is a step in the right direction. The politicians, lobbyists, and hyper rich, are human underneath that fasad they chose to put on, by reaching out to them as exactly such we can slowly change the very system we have for so long been complaining about.

As for how we accomplished this very task we constantly kept open dialogue with the mayor, and department of public works, as well began to build a cooperative fund for the extensive assortment of issues that the Occupy movement as a whole as set out to right. When we got the eviction notice a few days ago we dug in. Building these structures was not just for the sake of “hanging around in public parks” but showing a society that takes everything for granted how to REUSE something… This is something we have refused to do as a society over and over and over again. We built HOUSES out of scrap wood, old palets, and what sparse nails we could come up with, and did this only after the denver police department gave us yet ANOTHER eviction notice. This horrendous act is only brought to light by the fact that for the past two weeks they had left us alone, we had been complying with with municipal code, maintained the parks integrity ALONG SIDE the Department of Public works, and had only built up enough to house a community that the city has refused to adress for god knows how long.

The people I SLEEP WITH down on the corner of Colfax and Broadway (Not a very safe corner in the city of Denver mind you) have helped to create a place where this ragtag community of PEOPLE can now safely sleep and exist with out the fear of their personal belongings being stolen, without the fear of being physically harmed walking down that street at night, safe housing for women on the street and soo much more. We have given this same community that the rest of the country has refused to acknowledge, a sense of civic duty. They have begun to worry about their rights. Our countries voting rate is down and out, and although it is small scale, this community has, in times where it mattered to them, successfully passed a vote or proposal in the Occupies General Assembly, and although it isn’t a national election, for ANYONE to say that isn’t progress would have to be blind.

The reason why we took pride in keeping the Department of Public works out was because it was going to be them AS WELL as DPD who were going to, yet again, take the tarps, blankets, food, water, shelter and other materials that have been deemed necessary for these peoples survival. Go live in a shelter see what it’s like and then come tell me we haven’t made a difference… I keep people alive in sub-zero weather, I make my difference no matter how small it is… They are small steps but they are steps in the right direction; Rome wasn’t built in a day after all, and a system as corrupt as ours isn’t going to come down so easily, but just because they give us resistance doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)
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Tyler George I applaud the work you do for and with the homeless, for too long they have been pushed aside, marginalized by this country. Helping them ‘create a place where…people can now safely sleep and exist’ is highly commendable. Also, the fact that the DPD and the Denver Department of Public Works wanted to to tear down a, in effect, community that was there to begin with, just more organized and substantial is despicable. That being said, the only way to affect real change is, and I think you touched on it, getting people to the polls (and this only helps to a limited extent due to the fact that the choices on the ballots are usually little else than the same corporate puppets with different labeling.)
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Tyler George Also, the aforementioned public services provided to you by your government are there to not only enforce the law but to provide a level of safety for you AND your fellow citizens. Your personal rights only give you allowances up until your actions hurt someone else or infringe upon someone else rights’. It may be that the eviction notice was issued to secure other citizens rights or safety, other citizens who might be quick to to say; “[p]eople (read we) sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their (our) behalf” George Orwell.
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Tyler George I have been waiting to hear the cries of outrage from the Occupy Movement today after Our Dear President signed a bill yesterday effectively doing away with the 4th amendment and habeus corpus, our government now has the power to arrest and hold INDEFINITELY United States Citizens SUSPECTED of participating in terrorist actions (the definition of ‘terrorist action’ is so broad they could arrest me for this post all the way to arresting someone for missing fingers.) With such large voice (OM) I wish I heard it screaming FOUL, yelling NO; instead I haven’t even heard a murmur…
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Tyler George Sorry to seem so negative, I support Occupy in theory, I wish they had a more clear message, a more succinct point, were more focused; right now it seems so adumbrated.
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Julian Roberts I agree whole heartedly Tyler and I understand and agree with most of the points you made, which is why I urge you to go out and make that change. I’m not eloquent enough, nor as educated as I would like to be to make a change in peoples hearts. To urge people to do action and show them why they SHOULD be outraged is what we need to be doing now. The change comes from within. “Be the change you want to see in the world” Ghandi.
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