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an investigation of vortex shedding – dye injected into boundry layer of a cylinder.
vanKarman Vortex streets and other cool vorticity effects
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These images were taken in an open water channel known as a flume at the University of Colorado.  A brass cylinder 3 inches long and 5/16in in diameter was inserted into the flume.  The cylinder has small holes that allow the dye into the flow.  As the water passes over the cylinder the boundary layer separates from the cylinder and forms a vortex.  The dye shows the development of the vortex, and the persistence of vorticity downstream.

5/16 in diameter cylinder in a water channel with free stream velocity of 1.1 in/sec

Setup for visualizing Vortex Shedding

For more information on my setup or this phenomenon, please ask me and I’ll tell you; or rather, let you know what I have found in my research.