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Slackening on Norlin Quad, 200+ ftExiting my exam this morning I encountered some folks pulling a frisbee out of a backpack, I asked to toss for a bit and enjoyed. One of them started pulling webbing out of his backpack, and a bit more, and a bit more yet.

We set up a long, about 200 feet long, slack line across the quad. We enjoyed listening to its whomping noises in the wind, but not feeling the vibrating system while walking…

Below are a selection of my photographs from the happening:

Click on an image in the gallery below to open a slider menu, and view the images larger.   I Hope you like!

These images were shot with a Nikon P7100, and processed in lightroom.

Contact me if you would like original files, for prints or otherwise. Also, if your photo appears above and you would like it removed I will gladly abide by your request.