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I finally did one of the walks in the “Rundrum Stuttgart: wanderwegs durch region stuttgart” book.  Well I did do one other neighborhood walk… (architecture walk LINK).  But I finally saw a bit of the land around stuttgart via a neat path (also a rad weg!).  Here be my thoughts, and below is a selection of pictues.

It was nice, I was tired after work, and thought the instructions were wrong at first, so that was frustrating.  But then things were ok, I left the highway and busy streets behind a bit and was out on the land.  (one cool thing in the busy urban area though was a fountain in front of some corporate building: it had nice mosaics, and then clear columns with water slowing flowing up in addition to bubbles of air billowing up.)

Then There was lots and lots of grain, spelt and wheat maybe? let me know if you can identify it.  Then also ros and rows of strawberries!  certainly tempting to just go pick em!  but you don’t know how they might have been treated, and I respect the farmers, its hard work to collect all that fruit!

Past a beautiful orchard and then we were near the Autobahn.  Interesting contrast the rush, the traffic, and the  congestion of the autobahn set next to small house, fields of grain, and a quiet orchard with secluded bench.

Dont know what was growing in the field, but were dozens of these tough leaved plants, and I also haven’t seen it in the supermarkets.  The light illuminated the plants wonderfully, and also pools of water which had collected on the hydrophobic leaves.

on the walk I stopped at two fitness stations.  The first was a simple kind – traditional like you can find in many places in europe, and sometimes in the US also, a station with parallel bars.  neat to play on a bit, a difficult muscle group to suddenly use again!   The second was a ‘playground for adults’.  It had funky things to work on range of motion mostly, odd spinning platforms to stand on and improve balance or rollers to stretch leg muscles.  I highly recommend it for your city!

In the city (stuttgart suburb) with the modern adult playground was also a modern church.  Nearby was a wall sculpture of Hercules.  There was a neat sculpture spewing water into  a dirty fountain that might have been nice if there were some trees around.

To get back to the land and the woods I had to cross the Autobahn, where I saw a woman on the side of the highwaz picking some sort of leafy plant… curious.  Before the way snuck into the woods I passed an EnBW building which had a lovely old water tower outside.  Hidden on the path were lovely snails, green light trickled through the trees, and low bushes.  Down to a stream we went, and emerged in a grassy valley so bright with sunshine – very relaxing.

Then up the hill, past mercedes buildings, past little schrebergarten as hawks circled above, back over the highway and into more grain fields.  The sun came low, and watching the clouds I ran into my Boss who was on a run.

The S-bahn braught me home again, via the Zacke (cog rail).  There was a huge group of young adults yelling at each other at the station in Deggerloch.. curious.  But home was I and hungry.  A decent walk and glad to have done (wish I had done more) but hard to fit in after work when main thought is on food.