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Short visits to Oma, in Passau Germany, the three river city.  Here the larger, green and muddy, Inn meets and becomes the Donau.  The black Ilz from the Bavarian forest also comes to the same confluence to darken the waters some.  Come see some of the City and waters which define it (images below).

Walking along the Inn is always wonderful.  The sun warms the stones while the wind and a breeze refreshes you.  The cobbled way is right at the water, broken by the occasional bridge and a watchtower.  The oh so white walls of the tower gleam under a red ceramic cone roof.  Surrounding the base is rough stone – often populated with lovely people relaxing.

Eventually the path goes above the river more, and then steps lead down to the water.  normally full of duck poop, but a lovely pace to sit in the sun as well.  As evening falls one can sit on the stairs, or on a clean bench if you prefer, and enjoy the setting rays falling on the Innstadt and Mariahilf above.

Passau is the home of my mother.  There my grandparents moved and lived in the same home for some 40odd years.  Now Opa has a green roof and a gray stone.  Oma beautiful remains, with exquisite wrinkles.

After visiting, an excursion to Wernstein – through the cool trees away from the sweltering streets.  After leaving Passau and the university behind, unless you stay searching the flood plain for a patch of beach from which to go bathing,  a field of of wheat with scattered poppies lies.  Then at Ingling a damn awaits, passage to Austria if you so desire.  Else onwards into the woods.  Follow the path signed with pale white stones marked STW.  At waters edge or on trees around fat mushrooms you may find.

In Wernstein a sweeping bridge brings you over the waters, which below flanked by golden greens lies still.  Eat hearty food or a cool beer.  Stay as the sun sets and the angels come to slay the monsters.  The bridge will be illuminated in many colors, but you do not need to cross again.  Remain in Wernstein or take the train back into Passau.

On another path through the Innstadt a neat view of the Dom.  Another vantage presents the Oberhause lording over the town.  Or hidden in the overgrown moat a wall with an old tower.

I invite you to Passau, to see these sights and too to find your own form.