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In the north-west of the Schwarzwald lies the town of Bad Peterstal-Griesbach, a quiet valley with sweet homes, clear sparkling water, high walks in the hills, lakes and lush forest. On the second day of a trip when my mother came to visit we ventured to the Glasswaldsee (images below).

We bid farewell to Frau Frist, who could not believe we had walked so far and long the day before, and set our sights on the Glaswaldsee.  The journey up was mellow.  Winding forest roads lead steadily upwards.  The pine trunks flanked us on either side and provided cool shade.  Small trees proudly displayed their new growth while old trees were stacked by loggers on the side of the road.

An explosion of white on the side of the road caught my eye and I discovered the feathery remnants of some creature.  Small and medium sized feathers strew across the ground by a log, pristine white against the brown forest – and oh so soft.

The region around the sea is fantastic.  A darker wetter forest with mossy grounds and stillness due to a lack of wind.  And curiously it was the area above the sea that had this lushness – another high-moor.  I dragged my mom off the trail into the woods to try and sneak along the moss without snapping hidden twigs.  really fantastic.

We took a long way around and down to the sea to make a loop.  This gave us a view from above which let us see the terrain but wasn’t too impressive (though always neat to see fading hills in the distance – such a contrast to the barren slopes of the Rocky mountains).

Finding a spot to eat on the shores of the sea were difficult as there was so much beauty!  Green!  moss, trees, ferns, small plants, mushrooms!  But my mom found a spot in the sunny moss, and after I snapped at the water a bit I joined here.  Across the lake children splashed in the water as we enjoyed our food – sitting on soft rocks in the sun!

We lingered along the lake enjoying the still water before climbing up and away to the crossroads above the lake.  On the trail a squirrel confused me… did some odd antics and yelled at me  I think… but thats normal so I think I am forgetting it’s peculiar behavior.

We were informed of a neat side sight and visited the ‘Klagstein’.  After taking long strides down some steep roads we went up a smaller grassy one and then on a side trail to the stone.  It’s this giant pedestal of sand stone sticking out of the top of a hill.  Very odd, and nice.  And just a quiet, beautiful,natural space to enjoy.

The way down was a bit rushed, as we had to catch a train home that night!  But still nice!  we crossed the road at the Freiersberg Parkplatz and wandered through more mostly pine forests.  Before finally descending to the main road from Bad Peterstal we came to a very cute hut, with ladders and tools hanging on the side and a family of birds nesting in the eves.  We felt close now and took it slow along the stream, enjoying the ferns and splashing waterfalls.

Finally we meandered through town, and the people going to dinner.  We arrived at Hotel Frist bought some tasty honey and checkedout.  We decided to walk (more!), and made the Train just in time.  The train back to Stuttgart was pleasant, the landscape descending from the valley is incredible and just fun to go along the hills and spot little castles here and there.

oh and a selfportrait.