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This day a mellow walk to enjoy some more of Stuttgart.  From near the pragsattle U-bahn station I wandered east and up a hill into a Weinberg.  A way went straight up in steps – veins of grapes on either side.  The sun started strong and all the steps made one hot.  But clouds would later offer some respite.

From above the way went mellower, a flat stretch with tall trees to the left and views over Stuttgart and towards Killesberg park on the right.  A break in the trees and a fence reveals a football pitch mown out of the grass.

The clouds start rolling in, small cumulus congestus thunder heads.  The wind blows the grasses in the wind, which grows prolifically in the dry dirt beneath the trees.

I then descend down another set of stairs between the grape veins.  Looking up leads to a large tree on the slopes above.

I catch some of the clouds again as they roll in the distance, interesting forms playing with sharp leaves of the grape veins.

Back to Pragsattle and a lookout there, some sort of commemorative…

but the hour changes and I must soon return to prepare for Transsolar’s 20th birthday party – a symposium on maximizing impact – and there will be champagne of course!

Having walked the hills and seen the city, a way of life, one wonders: how does one maximize impact?

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