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Rather last minute I decided to take a day trip to Heidelberg Germany using the Baden Wurttemberg Ticket.  After a late night I dragged myself up and headed to the train.  Slept most of the trip.  The train station felt deserted, but it was fairly early in the day.  I then walked towards town, and based on a tourist map crossed the river and headed up the philosophers way to visit some ruins.  There is also a random natural pit that descends some hundred meters or so… Very neat, but too dark to see down it.  The forest is green and beautiful, and the work going up the hill felt good.

I then descended to Heidelberg, through more interesting ways weaving in between little gardens planted mostly with wine.  The Schloss castle always visible looming above the town until I was in the old narrow streets of the old town.  There I found lunch and watched the people.  An older gentleman at a table near me fell asleep often during his meal.  He had his shoes off and was soaking up the sun.  In the afternoon I went up to the castle and wandered around the half restored and marvelously detailed structure.  The lower walls around it were so great and old and stoney and grounded.  Then I went into the gardens behind the castle and napped for a bit, waking up to catch the low light and the view which overlooks the city with its beautiful old bridge and the radiantly fresh Neckar river.

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