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see the bay bridge in there it's just barely visible!So I decided to travel more.  and circumstances led me to head south to the San Francisco bay area!  My cousin’s National Hockey Tournament appearance was the main reason, but I was going to tack on all sorts of other adventures.  Like Berkeley?

After a lively ride share down from Portland to Davis (8 hours) I dropped in with Stuttgart friends in Berkeley.  Wonderful dinner in the evening and catching up.

In the morning I borrowed a bike and headed into the hills on Mary’s recommendation, I figured I would have more chances to fly my kite later.  Up the steep winding roads in the hot sun wearing too many layers.  oh well.  and I forgot the directions of google maps to get to the overlook, I guess I will have to to just explore, what a shame.  This path looks interesting so i dismount and push the bike a bit, under some trees in full almost summer green glory.  Some cherry blossoms here too, and a neat play structure, seems more akin to them German ones [link]!  Always on the look out for the bay bridge as I rise up and up, but today is hazier than when I came in – disappointing.  Finally find what seems the ridge, and I just make out the bay bridge, which just shows up in the picture.

There is a sweet trail along the ridge so I hope on that and mozy along.  Interesting how the suburbs just seem to stop and rolling hills pass on to the west, uninterrupted by building.  I continue on the ridge trail, grizzly peak maybe?  but time runs out and I jump back on the road and zip down the hill into Berkley, onto campus to meet Caro for lunch and some kite flying.  Was great to have some goat cheese on my sandwich, been a long while since I had cheese.  The wind was a bit weak for kite flying so we went and got a view from the top of the math building, and cooled off with some ice tea; it’s warm summer weather down there!