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While the Tournament was the reason for my visit, my camera did not follow those events, so below I show a pre game walk through Japanese gardens in San Jose, and a post tournament beach visit to Santa Cruz and many of its treasures.

After berkeley I headed down to my cousins tournament.  I enjoyed watching her play  and win a decent game, they got an early lead but then let them almost catch up.  A friend of a friend hosted me that evening and then …

I met my dad in the morning and we went to chill with the family, hotel beds are wonderful couches ay?  Then mozied into San Jose to kill time and grab a bite.  While my cousin got ready for her game my dad and I headed for a little walk and stumbled into some pleasant Japanese gardens.  Spring again down there and all is so green!  Fresh new leaves rustle and perk up brightly in the harsh sun.  Little streams burble around large rocks leading to pools with fish.

The next day after the last game to santa cruz.  Walking main street we found a few interesting things.  Going into the candy shop Alexa found cherry heads and we saw the worlds largest snickers bar.  Its like 6 inches by 14 inches – huge.  Down a bit more I found a neat shop called ‘Nut Creations’ where you can mix your own assortment of dried fruits, nuts, and granola.  I got a tasty bag of granola which I savoured the rest of my journey up the coast, mmm dried raspberries!  I also got a lunch place recommendation, but they were closed, so we found something less good instead, where they bungled my gluten-free order and charged me for a kinda disgusting salad.  There was a traveler on the street who was making and selling some wonderful wire jewellery: simple trees of life, but also more elaborate and heavy pendants.

Then we went down to the beach!  Natural Bridges State Beach to be exact.  they still have one bridge, but the bridge to the standing bridge collapsed some time ago, too bad.  Still a great place.  I went a camera clicking, but set up the kite quickly hoping to spend sometime teaching the family.

But the water and rock and sand beckoned, so off i went more camera clicking.  such great texture, how the rocks seemed to have fragmented off but then been smoothed by the repeated action of the waves into soft  curves and hollows. Mosses and mussels too.

I returned to fly a while, but the family was gone, scattered to different beaches and team friends, and up the beach or who knows where.  So I explored some more.  And at the beach, after a while, all at once all one does is watch the water, the horizon, and hear the ebb and flow.

The waves came a breaking and crashing in



meeting rocks, high they Splash!



and them surfers get their rides



During all this watching-enjoyment my dad slept on the fractured ground soaking the sun.  As time passed though the sun got a bit deeper and it was time to head north for little play.  One of our hosts, was directing the opening play for the Piedmont cultural centre near Oakland.  We split ways with the rest of the Family and raced north.  It was nice to see some Theatre again, a short Thornton Wilder play title “The Queens of France”; and it was a nice little community event, I should find more here in Portland.


For you to click and browse through once again, here are all the images together.