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With no more tournament games to play more bay area explorations were called for. Rather than climb Mount Tamalpias, we headed over to Marin and Tennessee Valley. Too bad cousins and family did not join. They would have enjoyed more beach time and the California smells and blooming poppies.

As we walked we passed a cut int the hill revealing squished layers of rock, shale perhaps. And arriving at the beach the layers peeling from the hills greeted us. And oh the colors! Oranges, reds, turquoise, teal, and greens.

more time watching and photographing the water. the waves crashing, crash splashing at rocks before and behind me. As I tried capturing the colors of the rock I feel water tickle my feet, then ‘splesh’ and my back is wet. ever nearer the waves come, but never completely in the tide to cover the beach. But eventually the spot we chose to eat our lunch was reached by the waves splashing – and our lunch bag is wet.

The waves come and claim driftwood and a tennis ball, but before we leave the ocean returns it to where it first was claimed.

Tennis ball driftwood

After running past the cliff, where the waves come to kiss, we returned to the main beach. There the breeze is perfect, though the sun descends and the light fades.

The length of Tenessee Beach

hear the surf

overcast sunset

Happy I unpack the kite and launch away, to hover and dip above the sand and the winding little stream. As dad flies the sun peaks through a moment to reveal a cave, and also illuminates the green hills which covers all the colorful rocky treasures.

flying a kite in the perfect breez before the day is done.

end of day

And walking back, now the twilight glows and all is still as the sound of crashing waves fades behind. Beside us owls are hooting, and twice beside the trail in tall trees the owls sit.

Owl Farewells


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