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Today was a lazy day up and down the contocook river, with much wildlife. I’m visiting family in New Hampshire and enjoying more of the New England scenery. After a tasty breakfast of spinach and eggs in the wonderful covered porch-gazebo I headed out onto the river.

There were many wild beasties!

a few ducks

a chipmonk

a BiG turtle – jumped down from the bleached trunk into the water.

then I landed on an island.

and around the corner a troop of ducklings set off. then a minute later the mom. And then I noticed a brown floating thing – a River otter! sleek matted wet fur just above the water. moving slowly, looked bored. then ‘douwp’ it disappeared under the water and was gone.

end of the day I followed a heron, after it flew away twice I got closer, then it flew, then I snapped a few shots. then my concentration was broken, and as i took a few a paddles I tipped off balance and took a swim. “oh shit I need to move my arms and swim” was my reaction. then, “shit, – camera!” and I jerked my hand into the air with my camera. one hand clutching the floatation cushin i ditched camera and paddle into kayak, then slowly pulled myself back aboard. nice temperature. but cold to be all sopping wet in the evening.

A few swings on the roap swing. I had to go back and forth a few times before I finally let go. But I had no excuse for not jumping off, I was already wet! Spaloosh! Decent fun; the one I went to with Kimmy in New York is better.

and Yesterday we watched two unknown things floating upstream, we thought they might be turtle heads, but then they jumped up into the air – Beatles! and then a bird swooped from the trees, scooped up one, turned around and scooped up the other. shocking, we were flaberghasted. To have been drawn in to observe these odd dots in the water, to feel revelation at seeing them fly, and then gone. gulped down. left us a bit lost.

Those were the breathing adventures of those brief days at Beth and Rick’s. Thank you so Much!off to Boston now to meet mary and then back up to Adirondack!