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Skiiing? Sledding?   ICE BLOCKING!  Dude - I like this place.

Skiing?  sounds pretty good.
Sledding, not bad either.
ICE BLOCKING?  – Hell yea, I want to do that!

… i’ll have to find a spot nearby …

I needed to get out, So I said a short bike.  Went on up through Portland’s Forest Park, towards the zoo and max, past the archery range and stopped at the Vietnam Memorial Parking lot, In Hoyt arboretum.  A bit of a stroll went by quicker than I thought, I guess the 2 hour loop on the map probably would go by quicker for myself too, unless I ended up taking lots of Photographs.  Anyways, I walked down the spiral of the Vietnam Memorial.  I don’t know that I have really looked at one before.  I like how Portland did it, They have black stones with the names of fallen individuals.  And they are arranged in blocks, so like from 72-73 or 74-76.  And for each time period they wrote a little blurb.  Mostly talking about things going on in Oregon at that time.  From folks retiring after 43 years of good bus driving, to hosting a dance, to famine, plenty, fairs and returning home.  And also about events in the war, numbers of troops, bombs dropped, major offensives etc.  Gave me some nice context.  I think I learned more about the war than I had known before.  Gave me a decent timeline and background.
Well that part of the arboretum focuses on dogwoods.  I wasn’t too interested in any of them.  But there was a Cornelian Cherry tree whose berries caught my eye.  I think I’ll go forage some and make a small batch of jam, and eat it with my thanks giving turkey!

Leaving I also spied a set of illuminated trunks.  I wish now I had spent more time with it, it’s really the type of subject I like to play with.  But I arranged a few with the light in the background, of the (also a dogwood’s) interesting leaves.  Not sure which is my favourite but they turned out ok.. which do you like?

Oh and there were some very fine homes up on the west hills, one has these awesome chinese looking decorations on the roof overhang.  But only the moss covered way caught my lens.

All in all, not a bad little bike, always nice to zoom down the hill in the end.  Hopefully more documented adventures to come!