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Bantam!Two Bantam-Silky mix Chickens showed up.  They’ve been chirping away in the bathroom – in holding before being brought up to the gorge.  They eventually decided to jump onto the side of their box, and perched their long enough to poop a few times before finally deciding to jump down and explore the rest of the bathroom.

Wandering back and fourth they left several little white black presents on the floor, even managing to get up onto the toilette and leaving some on the (thank fully closed) toilette seat.  When I went to check on them they even got so excited to run out into the rest of the apartment.  Given their poopy ways I decided enough was enough and tried to heard them back into their box.  At which point they got a little skittish.  They fly rather well it turns out.  One nearly went out the window, thankfully it flew high and bounced off the glass.  After landing on the bed it jumped up and flew over to the closet, smacked into the mirror, and then stood pecking its reflection and made little squeaks.  Sad and rediculous to see, but I gently picked her up and brought her to the box.  The other one meanwhile ran into the bathroom with a few amazing skidding turns as it turned corners quickly.  WhenI reach down for it though it jumped into the air, flew through my hands and landed in the still full bath tub.  Well I guess chickens can swim too.  and the wet bird was much easier to catch than its sister.  I put her under the heat lamp after giving her a bit of a ruffle with the towel to dry her off.  A quick run around the block and I found a big box to make them a bigger home to run around in while still confining the extent of their poo.

For the afternoon we wandered northwest.  There are some wonderful apartment building there.  and near one of the parks there is an awesome building with a great slate roof and stone walls and some crazy narrow windows.  Anyways we went to Chapman School to watch the swifts go to bed.  hundreds of thousands of these birds congregate and swarm together, clouding up and flying apart and around the neighbourhood before finally all the swifts swirl together and groups break off and funnel into the chimney of the school.  They move so fast and are so far up.  there are so many that many people get pooped on (I guess it was a poopy day).  One pooped right on my camera screen, and another little present landed on mary’s face, but I guess its good luck right?  A hawk came in and stirred things up a bit, all the swifts dashed apart and the came together and kinda followed the hawk as it swooped out to try and make another pass.  I don’t think it got one.  I do think it drove the swifts to gather higher above the chimney than normal.  so the funnelling was really cool.  I look forward to going back and seeing it again soon!