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the mountain is floating away!The floating mountain was my favourite feature in the Gifford Pinochet experimental forest.  The Perseids meteors were great too, but during the day, I really enjoyed the floating wave welling up above the gently forested hills.  the day was full of berry picking, and boy am I glad we made it out, cause we almost didn’t. 

Nothing too dramatic, just threatening rain clouds.  We left late and high gale force winds were forecasted to come with thunderstorms.  We made it to carson and stopped at the bridge over the wind river.  There we deliberated and almost lost heart.  Yes we want meteors, but there is no sky!  what can we see through clouds?  and those thunderclouds look threatening and wet.  No one wants to sleep in the car, and the tent might but we don’t know if can hold out against a gale and torrents of thunder rain.

We went for it.  Found a neat clearing in the woods near the ‘lava beds’  and got things set up as the gray sky darkened towards night.  Started a nice little fire and warmed up an assortment of yummies, which we marinated with kim-chi from Acadia Farms in Carson.

After dinner we turned out backs on the fire and – lo!  a clear sky! huzzah – as we lay down and the fire dimmed – little and big bright trailing blazers too.  So glad we went and got to see some wonderful meteors during August’s Perseids meteor shower.

yay the fuzzy lights of night!

We didn’t get rained on, though maybe a few sprinkles.  And in the morning mary wandered off and collected a bunch of yummy berries.  We got tae berries and black caps!  great in your granola let me just say.  Then we drove up to the lava bed and explored that curious landscape.

Picking berries along the way was fun, though up on the lava field there weren’t too many to find in that oddly barren landscape.  we picked our way over the broken ground, hoping not to get our shoes cut.  Odd a road seems to have flattened its way over the rubble.  In the steep area smooth protrusions of the old lava stick out and have fun spidery cracks and curved faces.  The trees were oddly stunted above.  Like crumholtz and growing blankets low to the ground.  Then here growing tall and isolated, but with multiple tops, as if frequently struck by lightning.  There were some awesome old logs and stumps – all dry with swirls of texture.

After that I drove a bit, before stalling and failing to star again on the hill.  Then mary took over and we kept exploring up the road.  Past Cougar rock to a road wonderfully lined with yellow flowers.  Lets just see whats around the next corner, the next bend…

soft view