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Burns Farm Some weeks ago I finally managed to join one of Portland Photographers’ Forum’s (PPF) Sunday School of Photography outings, and we went to Burns Farm above White Salmon in the Columbia River Gorge for some fall color. It was a hazy morning. The ride up the oregon side was nice, better views of the gorge I think, and the sun turned some clouds and hills a lovely pink as the fog settled in. Following a maze of streets and dirt roads we arrived at burns farm and set out on our various paths to explore. With the haze most subjects were near, and those far were somewhat indistinct.

The morning Drive

Roads went hither and thither with some paths crossing here n there. I lost the other members I had thought to be around and learn from.

Slowly I made a loop out from the house. Finding maple trees, elm trees, and their lichen and moss friends. the leaves falling and rustling. The grass damp. Shapes in the open mists. Forgotten objects in the fields.

Then all at once I found myself below the haze, with the Columbia River glistening down below and little tree ants poking up from a field of green on the other bank. Still hazy as I walked down to frame the shot. Then near lunch I began my way back, stopping to marvel at the low views suddenly appearing. Vast expanses of rolling hills and slopes, the wide river, the stepped slopes and curves of The Dalles.

And there was sun, as I passed back up the fields, the trees standing so changed beneath a now blue sky so clear. In shadows leaves hide and spots of sunlight pick up texture.

After lunch though I focused my intent on my large format, and burned 4 sheets of film and skipped frying pixels. So you will have to visit me to see those negatives.

All and all a great day, and I am very grateful to our hosts for welcoming us all and sharing the land with us.