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The woodSpent the days after thanks giving helping my dad put new wood floors in the kitchen. Tearing up carpet, removing linoleum, scraping glue, sweeping. It took a bit to get the space ready. But get it ready we did! and then we started, moved the wood from where it adjusted in the living room into the kitchen for easy access and sorting. 7” 9” and 11” pine boards from Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring, some were over 14 feet long! Was rather simple: cut to size, glue every 8”, set in place (stagger nicely), nail every foot with finishing nails or floor nailer. But took a while. at the end of two days we were basically done, with a few gaps to fill with short pieces and staining and finishing to come. We will use a darkish stain to bring out the distressing of the wood during milling. Then 4 ish coats of Tung Oil, a soft but durable and easy to maintain finish.