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Beneath the Rock of Ages

After a decent breakfast at Paradox Cafe in Portland, OR we headed up into the Columbia River Gorge.  Out of the cloudy city, breaking from the fog into bright daylight and some sunshine!

But our hike was in the shade of the Oregon side so we didn’t get to enjoy it as we traipsed through the woods beneath rock of ages.  Katie wasn’t feeling so good, so while she rested in the moss we went a bit farther up the hill-side enjoying the green and the fresh smells of rotting winter forests.  I heard water and followed the sound over a rise to the main drainage where a stream was flowing.

Was a short outing, but a neat spot, a good scoping out of the area, and all in all nice to be out.  Dark was upon us and after a short break at home with some new grocery’s we went to The Avalon to watch Thor 2.  Man that movie is epic – really enjoyed it.

and the sun went bye bye when we got to the car.