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The meanderings of the wash though dry desert scrubAfter our visit to the Hoover dam we went back down the road a bit and went exploring down Gold-Strike Canyon. The canyon winds its way down the hills towards the Colorado. There may or may not be hot springs along the way, we didn’t go far enough to find any. Lots of cars along the Dirt road, obviously a known and well frequented spot. There is no trail really, just follow the wash on down and respect the desert environment by limiting off trail use. The sun was fading as we dropped down away from the highway. Caves and rims illuminated in the sun.

The highway soared above with truck engines rattling as they took the curve. An engine block lay at the bottom of the ravine, perhaps shoved off the highway at some point… Or maybe washed down the canyon in a large flash flood. Two more wrecked car frames were seen on the cliff sides, improbably lodged and crumbling. A transmission case lay embedded in the sand.

The light went flat as we went on, the rough edges rising to near cliffs of rock. Fragmenting into jagged arches and caves here and there. Strange shapes and shelter for shrubs. The little twigs branches of shrubs and bushes looking so fragile yet hard – well adapted. Even in the wash things were dry, though once or twice in a corner little green grasses and a leafy bush said hello. The canyon opened now and again to reveal its descending walls and more mountains rising harsh and rugged in the distance. The rock walls changed: dark, red, dull, hard, soft, conglomerate, compacted cement from old washes. Once another side canyon came into ours. A few times the walls narrowed as the rock became hard. Once the wash jammed up with boulders and we clambered around, through, down, under, past them.

We turned around with a bit of light and made it back to the car before the land turned dark, still easily capable of seeing our way. Back to Vegas.