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shadow of the bridge... with lake mead behind the dam
After finally arriving in Vegas late the night before, we had a slow morning before heading off to the Hoover dam and to search for hot springs. We met up with a friend and grabbed some vegetarian rice wraps and some Thai food somewhere, from Veggie Delight and Noodle House. Then we wound along many freeways and wide boulevards, with the towers of casinos in the distance as we made our way west.  I gaped at those billboards, glittering lights, and unblinking windows. While my camera turned to the rocks thrusting up around us. Las Vegas is surrounded by wonderful mountains, rocky bare hills with sharp points.  They are mostly brown with some red oranges, and greys, too.  We rose up, passing through a set of hills and going by Baker city, with ‘indian jewellery’ shops selling trinkets, hats, and furs.  Then rose up again and saw Lake Mead, formed by the dam, spreading out below to the north.  We crossed through more rocky hills and drove over and passed the dam.  The Colorado headed south with mountains extending and descending in sharp lines to the south.

We drove back and entered the Hoover Dam site, parking and walking up the steps to the bridge overlook walkway.  we walked, took photos, sent things whirling down into the water below.  Observing the caves, the rock, the water, the hills, the people, the army of transmission lines, the white cliffs of concrete holding back 2080 Megawatts of energy.  Not too windy, and the sun is hot and warm.  The bridge ends on the Arizona side, a large highway divider blocking the way to nothing but dirt.

Sadly I found no vantage to grab a shot looking south at the mighty river and those mountains.

We goofed around on the rocks and structures by the parking area, but skipped reading the plaques.  Then we loaded up and headed down Gold-strike canyon looking for hot springs.