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NicholasTravers__DSCN9196 Vegas strip last night was bogus,  a nice walk, but We wanted nature, earth, desert – so we headed to calico basin to catch some red rocks, stars, and fresh air.  I didn’t end up getting many images of the surrounding folds of rocks as I look back.  Nor any of the Petroglyphs.  I was more interested in gaping and clambering over some boulders, maybe a friend will post some and I can link to them.  So here is what I did catch, and I’ll let you click one and scroll through them to hear the semi story.  there were some of the best clouds of the trip, the great walls of rock, massive boulders too, decent light, open desert and echoing washes downstream of a dry waterfall.  Make sure you make the night shots bigger to glimpse the stars!
Thinking back: Boy some of that earth was red, you’ll have to take my word. I wish there had been more time there – settling in and finding the right shots.

thank ya!