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Our Skiing adventure continues, bruised shins find more comfort in new boots as we head up to Snowbird for more turns.  The night’s hot tubing, mexican food, and bruised shin complaints may have healed us from the sores of a first day.  Today should be good, the weather is changing, with snow scheduled to come in in the afternoon.  We drive up with sunny skies and excitedly gather near the tram, and promptly loose each-other as folks go to lockers and tickets and bathrooms and rentals, and lost poles are discovered.  Finally we head up, while dad heads to Alta to retrieve the poles.  We’re just over the ridge, so not far ay!  The now is hard, but we traverse far out in search of fine turns and tuck under ridges to find wind loaded aspects.  A lot of fun.  And always the wind blowing snow and changing clouds around the magnificent scenery.

Here’s a slideshow of our second day at the Utah ski areas, this time over the ridge from Alta at Snowbird.

The gallery contains images from the slideshow.