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NicholasTravers_DSCN8334_It is wildflower season in Oregon, in case you did not know – wot wot!

And so I recall the blooming of the shade loving larkspur off a favourite trail of mine.  I went in late one evening but had not the time to find a composition, nor the inclination to battle the light.  I made it back a few days later to play with the forest light and see what I like.  I did not find the shot, so I hope to make it back for some overcast skies, or dawn/dusk light.  The wind was also playing havoc with everything.  In editing these I was very aware of how much I enjoy looking through an SLR and composing in the viewfinder; when using a screen I seem to miss the composition and only see the ‘right’ angle while editing.  I guess since the digital has image review I have to make better use of that.

A nice challenging shoot, let me know what you like (and do not like).