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the sky is blue - let the clouds come - they pass through - the sky is blueToday was a gray rainy day, the clouds far off in the sky. Sometimes sprinkling water, other times emptying buckets, other times dry (but then the trees are dripping still). A day when you can bike in just a long sleeve – if you time it right.  . . .

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Then the sky was dark, a bit closer. But the light was wrong: open, warm. To the West, a big hole in the sky – growing larger. As clouds above released and dropped their big fat drops, the western sky cleared and the clouds passed by.

I set an eye about for that rainbow… and it appeared with it’s double! and even made a full arch for a spell.

fading gold into the pannus

Dinner cooking on the stove stole me from my perch. A full camera kept glass from my eye. But I turned it down, and discarded a few. Then I returned to stand and breath – up above – and see the wonderful changing colors and marching clouds.

in the end mammatus clouds were oozing out at the nimbus’s edge.

mammatus billowing down upon us