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built by me! nice dry wood =)Early in May I had the good fortune to take a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course on the Klamath River. For 10 days we enjoyed the landscape of northern California / souther Oregon – near Siskiyou and Marble Mountains.  Over those days there were ground-cones and a bear, rock cairn building, camping on the beach, swimming in the klamath, stars, fires, and many many rocks . . .

Getting there we took Grayback Mountain Road and stayed in an old campground.  It was a pleasant evening so I lay my things out on a tarp on the ground, nestled between strange pine cone like things popping up.  Turns out Bears like to eat the starchy potato like tubers of the Boschniakia hookeri – a broomrape better known in the area as ground-cone.  I woke up to a bear nuzzling under the tarp at my side trying to get to one.  I sat up quickly with a start, and the bear lumbered off before I could really take it in.

We then continued on to the Klamath River and Paradise Point where the WFR training took place.   The friendly people of Adventure Whitewater rafting keep a lovely facility, prepared decent meals and even had warm showers for us!  I set up camp on a  sandy stretch of the rocky beach, and surrounded myself with wonderful rocks.  The weather stayed nice and spring / summer like, but not too hot; and changed to refreshing scattered showers at the end of the week.  The NOLS led course was steady learning, with nice practical portions.  I spent lunch time swimming in the river and playing on the rocks, evenings I would play some more and do the readings.  As night fell I spent some time with the fires, but often felt like sleep was near so enjoyed lying on the sandy beach and star gazing.  The moon rose late each night, after a few meteors were seen.  The river was home many animals: to dear, elk, and many birds – osprey, golden and bald eagles, turkey vultures, some awesome red mohawked duck family, and dragon flies coming out of their shells.  I think that names a good chunk of the wildlife we saw, oh and Doug’s friendly dog Rocco!.  I was with sweet people who shared frisbee and soccer and laughs by the fire.  mid week we had a great day floating the river (water was very low for this early in the season), jumping from high cliffs, and scrambling up a creek to an amazing waterfall.  Twas grand and relaxing and fun and a challenge.

. . . well . . . Thats most of it in a nutshell!