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SohoThe results of my street shooting in NYC the last few days.  High rises forming canyons, bustling subways, quiet courtyards and gardens, people people people.  Stepping off the Path train I immediately was hit by the energy and buzz of new york.  It quickened my paceand my eyes widened, I even took on a smile as I felt the energy of that underground network spreading and flowing through the city.  I was there to check out the CI jam (see blog post) at 100 grand.  After I walked to the east village taking in lights, cars, sounds, smells.  The tiny apartments of NYC are something, glad to have had opportunity to stay in a few.  The one on this trip had a nice community garden nearby (more later) and a quiet courtyard that my room looked out on.

In the morning I got to bike for the first time on Manhattan streets.  Not as harrowing as I expected.  was great to pass construction where cars were stuck.  And curious how street signals seemed like suggestions rather than firm rules.  Cobblestones in Soho were nice.

Of New york, I really enjoy how the buildings close in the streets: they make such a presence.  On some of the avenues the high rises make such a wonderful long ‘canyon’ – so pleasing to look down and so inviting. I enjoyed walking into a little community garden too, with all these little paths, nooks to sit at, tea tables, a grill, and of course vegetables and flowers.  At Union Square I found a farmers market taking place, and bought the most delicious sweet rye bread containing hazelnuts and raisins.  So great with good butter, I even went back later in the day to buy a second loaf I liked it so much =)  Walking took longer than I thought it would, but so much to see and I had the time, I even took an extra stop to times square to oggle at the lights and people.