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A little turkey does make thanksgiving rather good I guess

conversations, a warm environment, abundant samplings of food…. “What is Thanksgiving?” many people ask.  This past one, was a lovely one.  Similar to christmas-time in many ways.  A snow arrived and laid a calm quite blanket on the earth.  Food was furiously prepared, with loving abundance.  Friends arrived and snacked at little crisp delights, exchanging greetings, sipping wine, listening.  The turkey is late in cooking.  Meanwhile more flurried preparations and grumbling stomachs with too much apple cider.  Distracted by delicious looking desserts.  Conversation turns to memories and childhood.  Things get a little loopy and hoppy-active-rambunctious.

The turkey is done! and we carve it up and eat it from the kitchen!  But no it is served, along with extra meats cooked outside on the grill (in the snow).  We sit, a sermon is given, we give thanks.  Thanks: in thanking we consider the year and all it has brought, all it has taught.

All the dishes must be sampled, at once!Each steaming dish is sampled from the plates as they dance a parade around the table.  Laughter, jokes, and eager faces.  The scraping knives and silent munching as hungry bellies get too much yummy food.  “Did you get some of this?” “A little more of that.” “Oh no thank you.” “This is great!” : they exclaim.  Conversation begins again, toned down a bit, and yet colored by the wine.  History, Politics… edges are provoked.  Eventually we get up, clear plates, propose a walk, but refuse to stretch the overstretched bellies.  Tea?

“Lets play a game!” is greeted by enthusiasm – and groans. “Lets play a game!” she is relentless.  We: relent.  Confusion and teasing, competitiveness and resignation, too much and “lets play again!”.  Someone spilled the wine.

Pecan pie and apple cider, that all ya areally needA merry go round of activity, between kitchen, bathroom, dinning room, drinks and the fridge.  Easing the excited energies of the game and settling in to delight at delectable desserts.  Too much.  So delicious.  Stuffed.
So what is it again?
For me it’s a side of turkey, a sampling of cranberry relish, and the children running about.  Used to be we would leave the table to the chattering adults and go play hide and seek or some other nonsensical delight.  This year it was here and there throughout the night – sliding barefoot, or running up the stairs to get something, or hiding under pillows.

And children running! Thats really what I recall from Thanksgivings growing up. thanks fam!

Does that answer the question?  Probably not.
But thank you for reading some of it.