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Dia de los muertos altar by night, fully celebrating, honoring, holding, working.

Honoring Our Ancestors as fall sweeps over Portland, turning leaves to bright colors, and bringing the rains with it.  Candles fizzled in the rain drops, and Trick or Treat Halloween goers were cautioned by parents to beware the candles (some came for candy, some gazed wide-eyed at the glowing altar).  In honor of Dia De Los Muertos / and continuing through All Saints Day – we and this altar held our ancestors in reverence.  We laid out the leaves, in forms, shapes, and ways.  Flowers too found their bright offerings.  Small dishes of loved one’s favorite foods were carefully measured out.  Ganesha properly dressed presided over the affair (we hear it was a good one) – holding the gateway of life and death . . .