Arkay Calumet – Water Heater Recirculation System manual
PDF: Water Heater_Recirculator-2

A possible repair based on another users experience
“… a bit after I wrote the last post, one unit’s motor completely locked up. I decided to tear into it and get into the motor innards – just in case anyone has this issue as well. I believe this will happen if the motor is not used for a long time and/or not oiled. The rear part of the motor, near the water connection, comes apart with just some wingnuts and a couple of screws. This piece connects to a rotor which pulls the water into the unit. The shaft of this rotor is what gets messed up. Taking apart the shaft, it was very stiff. I found the metal seemed to have expanded. I sanded down the metal just a tad with really fine-grit sandpaper as well as cleaned up the rotor as much as possible and sanded inside the shaft a bit. If I really wanted to get into it I would have used lapping compound, but I don’t have any and don’t feel like it anyway. After getting the parts looser, I oiled it up and put it all back together – now it works perfectly.”

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Gear for sale / reference images available for the curious
Link: Gear for Sale

4×5 film – Expired but frozen
Lenses – No longer for sale, but I have images if you need images for reference, I have removed them from flickr, but feel free to contact me.


A Beautiful Lancaster Plate camera – archiving fine chraftsmanship
PDF: Lancaster 1892 Instanograph half plate camera – 121 Photographs

This is a very early, Lancaster 1892 Instantograph, Half glass Plate Camera SET that is is a WoW find.… A Great, early vintage camera…. with beautiful wood work and brass work. The Lancaster 1892 Patent Instantograph Camera:
The camera is in Very nice condition. The camera has a top plate showing, ““The 1892 Patent Instantograph” with “TT & H” on its front focusing base bubble level edge. This wood with brass hardware Camera has a great red bellows and takes Half plate 4¾” × 6½” Large format images. … The ground glass back is on a hinged design allowing the entire back to remain connected to the camera and extend to allow for its plate holders to connect to the camera. … This camera has a front with design allowing for lens rise and the back to further extend from the body allowing for some movements too.
The Lens:
The camera has an early brass lens, matching the brass lens ring attached to the camera, of a very early singlet optical design – no maker marks.
Lancaster Wooden film backs:
There are a total of 3 – genuine Lancaster “book holder type” backs -each showing the early Lancaster crest on the wood. The backs match the cameras wood and finish.
Matching Canvas bag,  which may be original.

Images and text are copyright © and are the property of ConsignTheWorld and PhotographerLink

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