Portland’s First Fall Color


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Seems every year I have a similar post of the first fall colors emerging.  Biking and walking around, I suddenly really notice the turning of the leaves.  This year it was more that a particular spot of trees were just showing off, (this happens at other times during the year too: fall color).

A little palette of late summer color. Going up the street, a color palatte of late fall.
NE Portland, OR 2016

(PS, Happy Equinox!)


Zwetschgendatschi #2! (plum cake)


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Finally harvested some plums!  And so it is time to make Zwetschgendatschi, a plum cake / tort I very much enjoy from my German heritage.  It’s basically a sweet, sugary/ buttery, pizza dough with plums sprinkled in sugar on top =)

This one is gluten free, and improved on the one from two years ago.
It still could be juicier, and it still needs whipped cream…

Analogue Feel at Your Daily Photograph


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To see my winning entry to the recent YourDailyPhotograph.com contest called An Analog World please visit: http://eepurl.com/b4Kv7b

This Selection of similar images are from fiber based silver gelatin paper negatives shot in a 4×5 wooden field camera.  They were wet processed, then inverted and adjusted digitally before creating digital a pigment print.

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Former Darkroom


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A snapshot of my darkroom – walls dismantled and almost everything packed up.  Now I hope to find a new space for it.

0606_NicholasTravers_Ivon Darkroom Enlargers_
16 image stitch with a 45mm on a crop sensor.

Beseler 23c and 45MX – super low cielings so a drop table and the insulation cut out above the enlargers for more head room.

Vertical Nova print processing tanks in addition to trays for 8×10 up to 16×20.
Dry sink with washing done at the basement utility-sink.

2014 Adventures – photography book


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blub cover

This 60 page full color 8×10 hardcover volume is available direct to you for $49.99
(through Blurb at the link above, or contact me directly for a discout)

The journeys of 2014 kept Nicholas and his cameras mostly in the Northwest, and within the environs of Portland, Oregon – but that is for another time.  Here we see where he went, what he shared and explored.  The roads wind ever onward – to enchanted Oregon forests, deserts, and waterfalls.  And to Adirondack high peaks and snow at the beach.  I invite you to step in and enjoy where Nicholas’s eye takes you in these pages.

Should you desire a PDF version to print yourself, contact me and I can make one available.


Advent Wreath / Mandala –


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This Year's Advent Wreath Mandala

Advent, Advent, ein Lichtlein brennt.  

Erst eins, dann zwei, dann drei, dann vier.  

Und dann steht das Christkindlein

– vor – der – Tür.

This year’s Advent wreath, which I make of sand and dried color, in continuation of Advent traditions …

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