I Hope You Enjoyed Last Thursday


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Marionette _ Last Thursday AlbertaIt was a busy night!  many people passing by and dancing, singing, and chatting with friends.  I hope you met someone new, were surprised, and found something you loved.

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Tiger Lily


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0701_NicholasTravers_a late tiger lily_017-2

A tiger lily from a recent hike in the gorge.  I hadn’t been back there since the eagle creek wildfire last year.  It was really nice to see the lush green of that waterfall filled landscape.  As well as thimbleberries, a smattering of wildflowers, and this late blooming tiger lily.

June 2018



Snowflake #15


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Snowflake 15

Portland got a nice week of intermittent snow storms.
I got my macro gear setup to try and capture some of the little beauties.
They were hard to find and mostly melted, but this one lingered long enough to dance.

February 2018


Total Eclipse


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0821_NicholasTravers_Total Eclipse_2017

Completely Unexpected
all prepared
Orb of light Pitch dark
suspended; below?



Climate Spiral


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This Climate Spiral, as I call the altar, is made on this day of the people’s climate march, toward the end of a week of solidarity.  It was inspired by hearing about the water blessings taking place in Washington DC before the day’s events begin.

I build this altar.  Recognizing that the earth is whole, and shall be fine.  Also recognizing that we are at choice, we can influence how quickly our planet changes and what will be lost.

Contemplate, make your choices, add your unique voice.

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